Class RouteAction (0.5.0)

RouteAction(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The specifications for routing traffic and applying associated policies.


destinations MutableSequence[]
The destination to which traffic should be forwarded.
If set, the request is directed as configured by this field.
The specification for fault injection introduced into traffic to test the resiliency of clients to backend service failure. As part of fault injection, when clients send requests to a backend service, delays can be introduced on a percentage of requests before sending those requests to the backend service. Similarly requests from clients can be aborted for a percentage of requests. timeout and retry_policy will be ignored by clients that are configured with a fault_injection_policy
The specification for modifying the headers of a matching request prior to delivery of the request to the destination.
The specification for modifying the headers of a response prior to sending the response back to the client.
The specification for rewrite URL before forwarding requests to the destination.
timeout google.protobuf.duration_pb2.Duration
Specifies the timeout for selected route. Timeout is computed from the time the request has been fully processed (i.e. end of stream) up until the response has been completely processed. Timeout includes all retries.
Specifies the retry policy associated with this route.
Specifies the policy on how requests intended for the routes destination are shadowed to a separate mirrored destination. Proxy will not wait for the shadow destination to respond before returning the response. Prior to sending traffic to the shadow service, the host/authority header is suffixed with -shadow.
The specification for allowing client side cross-origin requests.