Class StatisticalTimeSeriesFilter (2.13.0rc0)

StatisticalTimeSeriesFilter(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A filter that ranks streams based on their statistical relation to other streams in a request. Note: This field is deprecated and completely ignored by the API.


rankingMethod is applied to a set of time series, and then the produced value for each individual time series is used to compare a given time series to others. These are methods that cannot be applied stream-by-stream, but rather require the full context of a request to evaluate time series.
num_time_series int
How many time series to output.




The filter methods that can be applied to a stream.

Values: METHOD_UNSPECIFIED (0): Not allowed in well-formed requests. METHOD_CLUSTER_OUTLIER (1): Compute the outlier score of each stream.