Class ImportJobState (0.1.4)


Enumerates possible states of an import job.

Values: IMPORT_JOB_STATE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value. IMPORT_JOB_STATE_PENDING (1): The import job is pending. IMPORT_JOB_STATE_RUNNING (2): The processing of the import job is ongoing. IMPORT_JOB_STATE_COMPLETED (3): The import job processing has completed. IMPORT_JOB_STATE_FAILED (4): The import job failed to be processed. IMPORT_JOB_STATE_VALIDATING (5): The import job is being validated. IMPORT_JOB_STATE_FAILED_VALIDATION (6): The import job contains blocking errors. IMPORT_JOB_STATE_READY (7): The validation of the job completed with no blocking errors.