Class VolumeDataRestorePolicy (0.5.7)


Defines how volume data should be restored.

Values: VOLUME_DATA_RESTORE_POLICY_UNSPECIFIED (0): Unspecified (illegal). RESTORE_VOLUME_DATA_FROM_BACKUP (1): For each PVC to be restored, create a new underlying volume and PV from the corresponding VolumeBackup contained within the Backup. REUSE_VOLUME_HANDLE_FROM_BACKUP (2): For each PVC to be restored, attempt to reuse the original PV contained in the Backup (with its original underlying volume). This option is likely only usable when restoring a workload to its original cluster. NO_VOLUME_DATA_RESTORATION (3): For each PVC to be restored, create PVC without any particular action to restore data. In this case, the normal Kubernetes provisioning logic would kick in, and this would likely result in either dynamically provisioning blank PVs or binding to statically provisioned PVs.