Class ListDocumentsRequest (0.11.4rc0)

ListDocumentsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for DocumentService.ListDocuments method.


parent str
Required. The parent branch resource name, such as projects/{project}/locations/{location}/collections/{collection}/dataStores/{data_store}/branches/{branch}. Use default_branch as the branch ID, to list documents under the default branch. If the caller does not have permission to list Documents under this branch, regardless of whether or not this branch exists, a PERMISSION_DENIED error is returned.
page_size int
Maximum number of Documents to return. If unspecified, defaults to 100. The maximum allowed value is 1000. Values above 1000 will be coerced to 1000. If this field is negative, an INVALID_ARGUMENT error is returned.
page_token str
A page token ListDocumentsResponse.next_page_token, received from a previous DocumentService.ListDocuments call. Provide this to retrieve the subsequent page. When paginating, all other parameters provided to DocumentService.ListDocuments must match the call that provided the page token. Otherwise, an INVALID_ARGUMENT error is returned.