Class AnswerRecord (2.4.0)

AnswerRecord(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Answer records are records to manage answer history and feedbacks for Dialogflow.

Currently, answer record includes:

  • human agent assistant article suggestion
  • human agent assistant faq article

It doesn't include:

  • DetectIntent intent matching
  • DetectIntent knowledge

Answer records are not related to the conversation history in the Dialogflow Console. A Record is generated even when the end-user disables conversation history in the console. Records are created when there's a human agent assistant suggestion generated.

A typical workflow for customers provide feedback to an answer is:

  1. For human agent assistant, customers get suggestion via ListSuggestions API. Together with the answers, are returned to the customers.
  2. The customer uses the to call the [UpdateAnswerRecord][] method to send feedback about a specific answer that they believe is wrong.


name str
The unique identifier of this answer record. Required for AnswerRecords.UpdateAnswerRecord method. Format: projects/.
Optional. The AnswerFeedback for this record. You can set this with AnswerRecords.UpdateAnswerRecord in order to give us feedback about this answer.
Output only. The record for human agent assistant.