Class Type (1.6.1)


Type information for fields in schemas and partition schemas.

Values: TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): SchemaType unspecified. BOOLEAN (1): Boolean field. BYTE (2): Single byte numeric field. INT16 (3): 16-bit numeric field. INT32 (4): 32-bit numeric field. INT64 (5): 64-bit numeric field. FLOAT (6): Floating point numeric field. DOUBLE (7): Double precision numeric field. DECIMAL (8): Real value numeric field. STRING (9): Sequence of characters field. BINARY (10): Sequence of bytes field. TIMESTAMP (11): Date and time field. DATE (12): Date field. TIME (13): Time field. RECORD (14): Structured field. Nested fields that define the structure of the map. If all nested fields are nullable, this field represents a union. NULL (100): Null field that does not have values.