Class DataType (3.18.2)


Type of data stored in the dataset.

Values: DATA_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Should not be used. TABLE (1): Structured data dataset. IMAGE (2): Image dataset which supports ImageClassification, ImageObjectDetection and ImageSegmentation problems. TEXT (3): Document dataset which supports TextClassification, TextExtraction and TextSentiment problems. VIDEO (4): Video dataset which supports VideoClassification, VideoObjectTracking and VideoActionRecognition problems. CONVERSATION (5): Conversation dataset which supports conversation problems. TIME_SERIES (6): TimeSeries dataset. DOCUMENT (7): Document dataset which supports DocumentAnnotation problems. TEXT_TO_SPEECH (8): TextToSpeech dataset which supports TextToSpeech problems. TRANSLATION (9): Translation dataset which supports Translation problems. STORE_VISION (10): Store Vision dataset which is used for HITL integration. ENTERPRISE_KNOWLEDGE_GRAPH (11): Enterprise Knowledge Graph dataset which is used for HITL labeling integration. TEXT_PROMPT (12): Text prompt dataset which supports Large Language Models.