Class ListProjectsResponse

A page of the response received from the ListProjects method.

A paginated response where more pages are available has next_page_token set. This token can be used in a subsequent request to retrieve the next request page.

NOTE: A response may contain fewer elements than the request page_size and still have a next_page_token.

The list of Projects under the parent. This list can be paginated.
Pagination token. If the result set is too large to fit in a single response, this token is returned. It encodes the position of the current result cursor. Feeding this value into a new list request with the ``page_token`` parameter gives the next page of the results. When ``next_page_token`` is not filled in, there is no next page and the list returned is the last page in the result set. Pagination tokens have a limited lifetime.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > ListProjectsResponse



API documentation for resourcemanager_v3.types.ListProjectsResponse.raw_page property.