Class ListProjectsRequest (1.12.2)

ListProjectsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The request sent to the ListProjects method.


parent str
Required. The name of the parent resource whose projects are being listed. Only children of this parent resource are listed; descendants are not listed. If the parent is a folder, use the value folders/{folder_id}. If the parent is an organization, use the value organizations/{org_id}.
page_token str
Optional. A pagination token returned from a previous call to [ListProjects] [] that indicates from where listing should continue.
page_size int
Optional. The maximum number of projects to return in the response. The server can return fewer projects than requested. If unspecified, server picks an appropriate default.
show_deleted bool
Optional. Indicate that projects in the DELETE_REQUESTED state should also be returned. Normally only ACTIVE projects are returned.