Class TagBinding (1.12.0)

TagBinding(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

A TagBinding represents a connection between a TagValue and a cloud resource Once a TagBinding is created, the TagValue is applied to all the descendants of the Google Cloud resource.


name str
Output only. The name of the TagBinding. This is a String of the form: tagBindings/{full-resource-name}/{tag-value-name} (e.g. tagBindings/
parent str
The full resource name of the resource the TagValue is bound to. E.g. //
tag_value str
The TagValue of the TagBinding. Must be of the form tagValues/456.
tag_value_namespaced_name str
The namespaced name for the TagValue of the TagBinding. Must be in the format {parent_id}/{tag_key_short_name}/{short_name}. For methods that support TagValue namespaced name, only one of tag_value_namespaced_name or tag_value may be filled. Requests with both fields will be rejected.