Class Build (1.1.0)

A build resource in the Cloud Build API. At a high level, a Build describes where to find source code, how to build it (for example, the builder image to run on the source), and where to store the built artifacts. Fields can include the following variables, which will be expanded when the build is created: - $PROJECT_ID: the project ID of the build. - $BUILD_ID: the autogenerated ID of the build. - $REPO_NAME: the source repository name specified by RepoSource. - $BRANCH_NAME: the branch name specified by RepoSource. - $TAG_NAME: the tag name specified by RepoSource. - $REVISION_ID or $COMMIT_SHA: the commit SHA specified by RepoSource or resolved from the specified branch or tag. - $SHORT_SHA: first 7 characters of $REVISION_ID or $COMMIT_SHA.

Output only. ID of the project.

Output only. Customer-readable message about the current status.

Required. The operations to be performed on the workspace.

Output only. Time at which the request to create the build was received.

Output only. Time at which execution of the build was finished. The difference between finish_time and start_time is the duration of the build’s execution.

A list of images to be pushed upon the successful completion of all build steps. The images are pushed using the builder service account’s credentials. The digests of the pushed images will be stored in the Build resource’s results field. If any of the images fail to be pushed, the build status is marked FAILURE.

Artifacts produced by the build that should be uploaded upon successful completion of all build steps.

Output only. A permanent fixed identifier for source.

Special options for this build.

Substitutions data for Build resource.

Secrets to decrypt using Cloud Key Management Service.


builtins.object > google.protobuf.pyext._message.CMessage > builtins.object > google.protobuf.message.Message > Build



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