Quotas and limits

This page provides details on the limits that apply to using Stackdriver Profiler.

Profiler API quotas and limits

The Profiler API quotas place limits on the number of API requests that the Profiler backend can support for a specific Google Cloud project. The quotas include limits on all of the following:

  • Number of new deployments per day
  • Number of update requests per minute
  • Number of update requests per day

If you exceed a quota, the Profiler backend rejects the API request. For example, if the quota for the number of new deployments per day is 75 and if 80 new deployments are created in one day, then you won't collect profiling data for 5 of your deployments.

As a second example, if you have 10 deployments for a service that collects Heap and Wall time profiling, then the quota for the number of update requests per minute must be at least 20:

10 deployments x 2 profile types per deployment x 1 update request per profile type per minute
  = 20 update requests per minute (on average)

If this quota is less than 20, some profiles won't be transmitted successfully to the Profiler backend.

Requesting more Stackdriver Profiler API quota

You can request higher Profiler API limits using the Google Cloud Console:

  1. In the Quotas page, use the checkboxes to select Stackdriver Profiler API, then click EDIT QUOTAS.

    Billing must be enabled on the project in order to click the checkboxes.

  2. In the Edit Quotas panel, complete the form with your Name, Email , and Phone details, then click Next.

  3. In the Edit Quotas panel, select the service to expand the view, then edit the quotas in that service to your requested limit. Click Done.

  4. Click Submit request.

You can also contact Google Cloud Support, rather than using the Google Cloud Console, to request more Profiler API quota.

The other limits described on this page are fixed.

For more information, go to Working with quotas.

Managing your quota

You can view, decrease, and increase your Profiler API quota. For more information about quotas, see Working with quotas:

  • To view your Profiler API quota and current usage, from the Google Cloud Console, go to Quotas:

    Go to Quotas

    To limit your view to the Profiler API usage, set the Service menu to select only the Profiler API.

  • To decrease your Profiler API quota, see Capping usage.

  • To request an increase in your Profiler API quota, see Requesting more quota above.

Data retention periods

Data collected by Stackdriver Profiler is retained for 30 days.