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Go Compute Engine

Shows how to initialize with Go on Compute Engine.

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For more information, see the Profiler Go API reference documentation.

// snippets is an example of starting
package main

import (

func main() {
	cfg := profiler.Config{
		Service:        "myservice",
		ServiceVersion: "1.0.0",
		// ProjectID must be set if not running on GCP.
		// ProjectID: "my-project",

		// For OpenCensus users:
		// To see Profiler agent spans in APM backend,
		// set EnableOCTelemetry to true
		// EnableOCTelemetry: true,

	// Profiler initialization, best done as early as possible.
	if err := profiler.Start(cfg); err != nil {
		// TODO: Handle error.

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