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Fully managed serverless approach

Seamlessly unlock business insights with Google Cloud Platform's fully managed, proven, end-to-end data analytics products. Remove operational complexities of data analytics with a serverless approach and make important business decisions quickly and efficiently.

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We are very excited about the productivity benefits offered by Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub. It took half a day to rewrite something that had previously taken over six months to build using Spark.

Paul Clarke, Director of Technology, Ocado

Big data guides and resources

Get started using Google Cloud big data products.

Get started with BigQuery

Start analyzing TBs of data directly from your web browser with BigQuery's web UI.

Dataflow programming model

Simplify large-scale data processing with the Dataflow programming model.

Get started with Dataproc

Check out how to create a cluster and run a simple Spark job in Cloud Dataproc.

Data Solutions for Change

Nonprofits, achieve your mission at scale with GCP credits and enablement support.

Cloud Big Data Blog

Deep dives, technical comparisons, how-to's and tips and tricks for using the latest data processing technologies.

Google Cloud Next

Learn more about data analytics products from our Next '18 sessions.

GCP Data Security and Governance

GCP offers best-in-class tools and technology to efficiently protect and govern your data.

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