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What’s Next For Big Data

We offer a proven, integrated end to end Big Data solution, based on years of innovation at Google, that lets you capture, process, store and analyze your data within a single platform. With Google Cloud Platform you can focus on finding insights rather than managing your infrastructure and you can combine cloud-native services with open source tools as needed, both in batch and stream mode.

Build a Serverless Analytics Platform

From ingestion to data preparation, store, and analysis, Cloud Platform provides a suite of serverless services which free you from the need to deploy and operate clusters, or to guess the amount of resources needed ahead of time. Combine Cloud-native data processing services with the best of open source to easily manage data and benefit from it, today.

“ Spotify chose Google in part because its services for analyzing large amounts of data are more advanced than data services from other cloud providers. ”

Wired, February 2016

Big Data guides and resources

Get started using Google Cloud Big Data Products

Get Started with BigQuery

Start analyzing TBs of data directly from your web browser with BigQuery’s web UI.

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Cloud Big Data Blog

Deep dives, technical comparisons, how-to's and tips and tricks for using the latest data processing technologies.

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Get Started with Dataproc

Check out how to create a cluster and run a simple Spark job in Cloud Dataproc.

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Dataflow Programming Model

Simplify large-scale data processing with the Dataflow programming model.

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Customers on Cloud Platform

See some of the talks that our customers gave at Next on how they use of Google Cloud data services.

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Apache Beam

Learn about Apache Beam, the open source version of Cloud Dataflow which is portable to Apache Spark and Apache Crunch.

Learn about Apache Beam

“ Good infrastructure isn’t just about keeping things up and running, it’s about making all of our teams more efficient and more effective, and Google’s data stack does that for us. ”

— Nicholas Harteau, Spotify VP, Engineering & Infrastructure via Spotify blog