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AI and machine learning products

Launch and learn pre-configured solutions—developed by Google Cloud experts—to help you summarize documents with generative AI, build image processing pipelines, and other AI use cases.

Products, solutions, and services

Use CaseProducts and solutions Good for
Generative AI

A Vertex AI tool for rapidly prototyping and testing generative AI models. Test sample prompts, design your own prompts, and customize foundation models and LLMs to handle tasks that meet your application's needs.

  • Prompt design and tuning with an easy-to-use interface 

  • Code completion and generation with Codey

  • Generating and customizing images with Imagen

  • Universal speech models

Provides step-by-step orchestration of enterprise search and conversational applications with pre-built workflows for common tasks like onboarding, data ingestion, and customization, making it easy for developers to set up and deploy their apps.

  • Building a Google-quality search app on your own data

  • Building multimodal apps that can respond with text, images, and other media

  • Generative AI-powered summarization

The one-click solution establishes a pipeline that extracts text from PDFs, creates a summary from the extracted text with Vertex AI Generative AI Studio, and stores the searchable summary in a BigQuery database.

  • Process and summarize large documents using Vertex AI LLMs

  • Deploy an application that orchestrates the documentation summarization process

  • Trigger the pipeline with a PDF upload and view a generated summary

Machine learning and MLOPs

A single platform for data scientists and engineers to create, train, test, monitor, tune, and deploy ML and AI models. Choose from 80+ models in Vertex's Model Garden, including Palm 2 and open source models like Stable Diffusion, BERT, T-5. 

  • Custom ML training

  • Training models with minimal ML expertise

  • Testing, monitoring, and tuning ML models 

  • Deploying 100+ models including multimodal and foundation models like Palm 2

Choose from Colab Enterprise or Vertex AI Workbench. Access every capability in Vertex AI Platform to work across the entire data science workflow—from data exploration to prototype to production. 

  • Data scientist workflows

  • Rapid prototyping and model development

  • Developing and deploying AI solutions on Vertex AI with minimal transition

Train high-quality custom machine learning models with minimal effort and machine learning expertise.

  • Building custom machine learning models in minutes with minimal expertise

  • Training models specific to your business needs

Speech, text, and language APIs

Derive insights from unstructured text using Google machine learning.

  • Applying natural language understanding to apps with the Natural Language API

  • Training your open ML models to classify, extract, and detect sentiment

Accurately convert speech into text using an API powered by Google's AI technologies.

  • Automatic speech recognition

  • Real-time transcription

  • Enhanced phone call models in Google Contact Center AI

Convert text into natural-sounding speech using a Google AI powered API. 

  • Improving customer interactions 

  • Voice user interface in devices and applications

  • Personalized communication 

Make your content and apps multilingual with fast, dynamic machine translation.

  • Real-time translation

  • Compelling localization of your content

  • Internationalizing your products

Image and video APIs

Derive insights from your images in the cloud or at the edge with AutoML Vision or use pre-trained Vision API models to detect objects, understand text, and more.

  • Accurately predicting and understanding images with ML

  • Training ML models to classify images by custom labels using AutoML Vision

Enable powerful content discovery and engaging video experiences.

  • Extracting rich metadata at the video, shot, or frame level

  • Custom entity labels with AutoML Video Intelligence

Document and data APIs

Document AI includes pre-trained models for data extraction, Document AI Workbench to create new custom models or uptrain existing ones, and Document AI Warehouse to search and store documents. 

  • Extracting, classifying, and splitting data from documents 

  • Reducing manual document processing and minimizing setup costs

  • Gaining insights from document data

AI assistance and conversational AI

Conversational AI platform with both intent-based and generative AI LLM capabilities for building natural, rich conversational experiences into mobile and web applications, smart devices, bots, interactive voice response systems, popular messaging platforms and more. Features a visual builder to create, build and manage virtual agents. 

  • Natural interactions for complex multi-turn conversations

  • Building and deploying advanced agents quickly

  • Enterprise-grade scalability

  • Building a chatbot based on a website or collection of documents

Transform your contact center with AI technology (Dialogflow CX, Agent Assist, and CCAI Insights). Increase operational efficiency and personalized customer care. CCAI is both an end-to-end CCaaS solution with its own call center solution (CCAI Platform) and as set of Google AI services for contact center use cases that can work with 3rd party call center solutions

  • Creating advanced virtual agents in minutes that smoothly switch between topics

  • Real-time, step-by-step assistance for human agents

  • Multichannel communications between customers and agents

Duet AI offers code recommendations in real time, suggests full function and code blocks, and identifies vulnerabilities and errors in the code—while suggesting fixes. Assistance can be accessed via a chat interface, Cloud Shell Editor, or Cloud Code IDE extensions for VSCode and JetBrains IDEs. 

  • Code assistance for Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and SQL

  • SQL completions, query generation, and summarization using natural language 

  • Suggestions to structure, modify, or query your data during database migration

  • Identify and troubleshoot errors using natural language

AI Infrastructure

Hardware for every type of AI workload from our partners, like NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, Arm and more, We provide customers with the widest range of AI-optimized compute options across TPUsGPUs, and CPUs for training and serving the most data-intensive models. 

  • AI Accelerators for every use case from high performance training to inference

  • Accelerating specific workloads on your VMs

  • Speeding up compute jobs like machine learning and HPC

Consulting service

Our AI Readiness Program is a 2-3 week engagement designed to accelerate value realization from your AI efforts. Our experts will work with you to understand your business objectives, benchmark your AI capabilities, and provide tailored  recommendations for your needs.

See our entire consulting portfolio or contact sales to get started. 

  • AI value benchmarking and capability assessment

  • Readout and recommendations

  • AI planning and roadmapping 

Products, solutions, and services

A Vertex AI tool for rapidly prototyping and testing generative AI models. Test sample prompts, design your own prompts, and customize foundation models and LLMs to handle tasks that meet your application's needs.

  • Prom