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Control and make internal enterprise solutions easily discoverable.

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Create, share, and manage private catalogs

Create, share, and manage private catalogs

Private Catalog enables cloud admins to control distribution, ensure internal compliance, and increase discoverability for solutions within an enterprise.

Control distribution

Verify and curate all available products in your Private Catalog. Manage visibility and deployment rights for resources at the org, folder, and project levels.

Increase discoverability

Make solutions easy to find with a one-stop shop for pre-approved tools. Plus, eliminate the need for wikis, sites, or documents with a single location for all available products.

Ensure internal compliance and governance

Only offer users the most up-to-date and internally compliant tools. Full control over solutions included in Private Catalog ensures that deployments follow company policy.


One tool

Single tool to surface the company's tools. No more wikis, sites, documents, or emails.

Advanced search and filters

Robust search and filtering options let users quickly find solutions in Private Catalog.

Consolidated view

Browse all available products from a centralized repository.

API support

APIs are available for CRUD operations, ensuring bulk updates remain compliant with company policy.

Deployment guardrails

Deployment Manager empowers cloud admins to limit what the end user can deploy according to preset parameters, including machine types, RAM, regions, and more.

Inventory control

Admins have full control over the tools and solutions that are made available in Private Catalog.

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