Release Notes

This page contains release notes for each version of the Prediction API.

Current version: 1.6

Deprecated versions (these versions will cease to work on 1st October 2013 - please upgrade your models before then):

  • v1.5
  • v1.4
  • v1.3
  • v1.2

Release History


Released June 2013

  • Change in ownership of models: Models are now resources belonging to your Google Cloud Platform Console project - this allows sharing with other users in your team, or service accounts used by your application. In previous versions models could only be used by the user that created them.
  • Training data size limit raised to 2.5 GB.

  • Important: with the release of V1.6 of Prediction API, all previous versions are deprecated and will no longer be supported after 1 October 2013. Please follow these steps to update your models to be compatible with v1.6. If no action is taken, existing models will become inaccessible and deleted after 1 October 2013.

V1.5 Update

Released October 2012

  • Support for updating regression models.
  • Support for training directly from instances passed in prediction.trainedmodels.insert (instead of a file in Google Storage).


Released March 2012


Released October 2011

  • Support for PMML data preprocessing
  • Breaking changes for all methods; the REST URLs have changed for V1.4, as well as the request data syntax for most methods and the resource descriptions.
  • Better training status notifications
  • Training status (trainedmodels.get) now returns HTTP 404 NOT FOUND until training completes successfully the first time, rather than trainingStatus: RUNNING


Released August 2011

  • Improved error messages
  • New training resource properties:
    • modelInfo.numberClasses
    • modelInfo.classificationAccuracy
    • modelInfo.confusionMatrix - A confusion matrix for analyzing model accuracy in categorical models.
  • training.utility - A way to add an arbitrary cost associated with mislabeling an item of a specific category.

V1.2 Update

Released May 2011

A non-breaking version update that added the following features:


Released April 2011

  • New JSON format for all requests and responses; breaking changes on all GET and POST JSON objects.
  • Both Windows and UNIX newline characters supported in training data.
  • Mean squared error values now returned for regression models.
  • New terms of service announced.
  • Training status request returns error messages for failed training requests.
  • The "text", "numeric", and "mixture" values for prediction queries are deprecated. Only type now supported is "csvInstance".
  • ClientLogin is now deprecated in favor of OAuth.
  • The key parameter is now required in all requests.
  • Categorical prediction scores normalized to fall between 0.0 and 1.0 Note: You must retrain your model in order for scores to be scaled to fall between 0-1.

V1.1 Deprecated

Released September 2010

  • Support for mixed text and numeric data
  • Support for regression data
  • Category queries return all possible categories, with scores for each.
  • Ability to delete training models

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