The Google Cloud Prediction API has been deprecated and will be shut down on April 30, 2018.

Release Notes

This page contains release notes for each version of the Prediction API.

May 1, 2017

Google Cloud Prediction API has been deprecated and will be shut down on April 30, 2018. For more information, see Google Cloud Prediction API End Of Life FAQ.


Released June 2013

  • Change in ownership of models: Models are now resources belonging to your Google Cloud Platform Console project - this allows sharing with other users in your team, or service accounts used by your application. In previous versions models could only be used by the user that created them.
  • Training data size limit raised to 2.5 GB.

  • Important: with the release of V1.6 of Prediction API, all previous versions are deprecated and will no longer be supported after 1 October 2013. Please follow these steps to update your models to be compatible with v1.6. If no action is taken, existing models will become inaccessible and deleted after 1 October 2013.

V1.5 Update

Released October 2012

  • Support for updating regression models.
  • Support for training directly from instances passed in prediction.trainedmodels.insert (instead of a file in Google Storage).


Released March 2012


Released October 2011

  • Support for PMML data preprocessing
  • Breaking changes for all methods; the REST URLs have changed for V1.4, as well as the request data syntax for most methods and the resource descriptions.
  • Better training status notifications
  • Training status (trainedmodels.get) now returns HTTP 404 NOT FOUND until training completes successfully the first time, rather than trainingStatus: RUNNING


Released August 2011

  • Improved error messages
  • New training resource properties:
    • modelInfo.numberClasses
    • modelInfo.classificationAccuracy
    • modelInfo.confusionMatrix - A confusion matrix for analyzing model accuracy in categorical models.
  • training.utility - A way to add an arbitrary cost associated with mislabeling an item of a specific category.

V1.2 Update

Released May 2011

A non-breaking version update that added the following features:


Released April 2011

  • New JSON format for all requests and responses; breaking changes on all GET and POST JSON objects.
  • Both Windows and UNIX newline characters supported in training data.
  • Mean squared error values now returned for regression models.
  • New terms of service announced.
  • Training status request returns error messages for failed training requests.
  • The "text", "numeric", and "mixture" values for prediction queries are deprecated. Only type now supported is "csvInstance".
  • ClientLogin is now deprecated in favor of OAuth.
  • The key parameter is now required in all requests.
  • Categorical prediction scores normalized to fall between 0.0 and 1.0 Note: You must retrain your model in order for scores to be scaled to fall between 0-1.

V1.1 Deprecated

Released September 2010

  • Support for mixed text and numeric data
  • Support for regression data
  • Category queries return all possible categories, with scores for each.
  • Ability to delete training models

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