Cloud Tools for PowerShell

Full cloud control from Windows PowerShell

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PowerShell on Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Tools for PowerShell lets you script, automate, and manage your Windows workloads running on Cloud Platform. Using PowerShell’s powerful scripting environment, customize your cloud workflows using the Windows tools you’re already familiar with.

Idiomatic PowerShell

Windows PowerShell works seamlessly with your existing environments. From supporting operations via PowerShell pipelining to being able to invoke cmdlets like Get-Help for more information, bring full PowerShell productivity to Cloud Platform.

PowerShell + Cloud Platform

Control your Cloud Platform resources directly from the command line. Manage existing cloud resources or create brand new ones, all from PowerShell directly. Cloud Tools for PowerShell gives developers and admins a familiar alternative to manual configuration via the Google Cloud Console UI.

PowerShell Productivity

Automate frequent tasks, create and run PowerShell scripts to analyze data, generate reports -- without having to write a custom application. Tap into higher productivity and fast, iterative development on Google Cloud Platform directly from PowerShell.

PowerShell Features

Manage Google Cloud Storage
Upload or download files from Google Cloud Storage. Create or update Buckets. Even update ACLs.
Compute Engine Deployment
Use Cloud Tools for PowerShell to automate configuring and managing virtual machines.
Regular Updates via the Cloud SDK
New PowerShell cmdlets are regularly added to Cloud Tools for PowerShell with updates to the Cloud SDK.
Contribute to Cloud Tools for PowerShell
Google Cloud PowerShell is open source software and users can log bugs, make feature requests and contribute code on GitHub .


Cloud Tools for PowerShell is free to use for all users.