Quickstart using the console

This quickstart walks you through using the Google Cloud Console for Phishing Protection to submit URLs that you suspect are unsafe to Safe Browsing. Any URLs that are confirmed to match the Safe Browsing Policies will be added to the Safe Browsing list.

Before you begin

Phishing Protection is not yet generally available, so you must be whitelisted in order to gain access. To sign up for the beta, complete the Phishing Protection Beta Program form. When you're approved, you will receive an email from the Phishing Protection team.

Enabling Phishing Protection

After you get confirmation that you have been whitelisted, use the Cloud Console to enable Security Command Center and Phishing Protection:

  1. Enable Security Command Center by completing the Quickstart for Security Command Center.
  2. Go to the Security Command Center Settings > Security Sources page in the Cloud Console.
    Go to the Security Sources page
  3. Next to Phishing Protection, click the toggle under Enabled to turn on Phishing Protection findings.

Phishing Protection is now enabled for your organization in Security Command Center.

Displaying Phishing Protection results

After Phishing Protection is enabled in Security Command Center, its findings will be displayed on the Security Command Center dashboard:

  1. Go to the Security Command Center page in the Cloud Console.
    Go to the Security Command Center page
  2. Phishing Protection findings are displayed in the Phishing Protection card under Findings. Note that many phishing pages have a short active lifespan and might be inactive by the time you check them.
  3. To display finding details, click an individual finding. Finding details displays more information about the specific phishing URL, like the time discovered and if it's been added to the Safe Browsing List.
    • URLs included in this this list have been:
      • Submitted to Phishing Protection by a user using the Phishing Protection Submission API
      • Detected by Phishing Protection and determined to have been targeting your users in violation of Safe Browsing Policy

Note that data from Phishing Protection may not be redistributed.

What's next