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View rule metadata

This page describes how you can view the metadata for the rules that are supported by the issuer switch.

To view the metadata for a specified rule using the issuer switch API, use the ListRuleMetadata method [REST, gRPC]. If no metadata is associated with a rule, this method returns an empty list.

The following curl command gets the rule metadata of the BlockedVPAReqPayCreditRule rule:

  curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" "https://ISSUER_SWITCH_API_ENDPOINT/v1/projects/PROJECT_ID/rules/BlockedVPAReqPayCreditRule/metadata"

In this example:

  • PROJECT_ID is the ID of your Google Cloud project.
  • $TOKEN is your OAuth 2.0 access token.
  • ISSUER_SWITCH_API_ENDPOINT is your issuer switch API endpoint. For example,

Replace these with values specific to your environment.

When you run this command, you see a response similar to the following:

    "ruleMetadata": [
        "name": "projects/PROJECT_ID/rules/BlockedVPAReqPayCreditRule/metadata/7e2514ec-5080-46d1-a313-eaa2c3198ddf",
        "description": "List containing blocked VPAs for Pay-CREDIT transactions.",
        "type": "LIST"
    "nextPageToken": "",
    "totalSize": "1"

In this example, the metadata name is the entire URI projects/PROJECT_ID/rules/BlockedVPAReqPayCreditRule/metadata/7e2514ec-5080-46d1-a313-eaa2c3198ddf.

The metadata type List indicates that this metadata can contain a list of values. For example, metadata values of the BlockedMobNumReqPayCreditRule rule consist of the mobile numbers of payees whose Pay-CREDIT transactions must be blocked. For information on how to add or remove values in rule metadata, see View, add, and remove rule metadata values.