Bank adapter API

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The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.

HoldFunds Hold funds in the specified account.
InitiateRegistration Initiates the registration of a customer's bank account with UPI on the issuer bank.
NotifyCustomer This is an API to notify the bank's customer via SMS/email when certain actions are taken by the issuer switch, or when it receives certain notifications from the NPCI.
ReleaseFunds Release funds previously held in the specified account.
ResolvePayment Note: *Implementation of this Bank Adapter API is optional.
RetrieveBalance Retrieves the account balance information for the specified account.
SearchAccounts Search and return a list of accounts associated with a given customer.
SearchPayments Returns information about a specific payment.
SettlePayment Request issued by the Issuer Switch for the bank to execute a single payment settlement operation.
ValidateCustomer Validates a customer's government issued ID against the KYC (Know Your Customer) details stored by the bank for that customer.
ValidateRegistration Validates a previously initiated registration request for a customer's bank account with UPI on the issuer bank.