Method: users.notifyMPINUpdated

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This is an API to notify the bank adapter about the successful updation of a user's MPIN in the Issuer Switch.

The validation of the current M-PIN of a user, and the updation to a new M-PIN is handled by the Issuer Switch. The bank adapter is invoked after the new M-PIN has been updated successfully by the issuer switch for any further processing by the bank's systems.

The NPCI circular RMD-014 requires issuer banks to send an SMS notification to customers when the UPI M-PIN is successfully set for a user. This is to make the user aware of any fradulent attempts to modify the user's M-PIN. This SMS notification could be one of the possible actions taken when this API is invoked on the Bank Adapter.

This API should return a 400 HTTP status code if it is unable to process the request. The reason field in the ErrorInfo response should contain one of the following values:

  • ACCT_BLOCKED = Account is blocked.

  • ACCT_DORMANT = Account is dormant.

  • ACCT_FROZEN = Account is frozen.

  • ACCT_INACTIVE = Account is inactive.

  • ACCT_NOT_FOUND = Account not found in the bank's systems.

Note: This API will be invoked in the UPI ReqSetCre API flow.

HTTP request


Request body

The request body contains data with the following structure:

JSON representation
  "participant": {
    object (Participant)
  "account": {
    object (AccountReference)

object (Participant)

Participant to be notified about the MPIN update.


object (AccountReference)

Unique identification of an account according to India's UPI standards.

Response body

If successful, the response body is empty.