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Develop new solutions for your customers and new channels for your business with Google Cloud.


Google Cloud Technology Partners enjoy benefits like access to Google innovation, additional sales platforms, financial incentives, and more.

Access innovation

Leverage the collective intelligence of Google engineers by aligning your product's features to our innovation roadmap, like cutting-edge machine learning and our fast, secure infrastructure, which scales to fit your needs.

Sell your products

Find a wider audience with the help of GCP Marketplace, G Suite Marketplace, our reseller network, and the Partner directory. Elsewhere, use the Partner badge to show that you are a trusted Google Cloud Partner.

Get rewarded

Our Partner Program supports and rewards businesses built on Google Cloud. As you grow with us, so do the incentives — like marketing benefits, Test Drive credits, dedicated support, and more.

Google Cloud's Big Data solutions and Tableau's visual analytics platform made two strong offerings in their own right, even more valuable to our customers.

Josh Parenteau, Director, Market Intelligence, Compete & Technology Partners, Tableau

Path to partnership

Your success will unlock even more rewards and benefits. Start building today.
Get started as a


  • Product integration planned or in progress with Google Cloud
  • Member application
Build your Google Cloud solution while taking advantage of your member benefits. Once your solution is production-ready, you may apply for Partner status.
Steps to become a


  • 1 or more product integrations
  • Partner agreement
  • Partner analytics implemented (recommended)
  • Updated application form
Earn a listing in GCP Marketplace and use the official Google Cloud Partner badge in your marketing to help grow your business.
Google Cloud Partner badge
Steps to become a

Premier Partner

  • 2 or more product integrations
  • Annual business plan
  • Customer success stories
  • Technical resources
  • Partner-influenced revenue
Gain access to all of the Google Cloud Partner support, resources, and opportunities we offer to help you continue your success.
Google Cloud Premier Partner badge

Benefits and requirements

Benefits Member Partner Premier
Access to technical training
Office hours Dedicated support
Access to development credits
Promotional offers
Invitations to Google events
Access to Coursera credits
Access to Qwiklabs credits
Use of Google Cloud Partner badge Premier badge
Google Cloud Partner directory listing Premier listing
Complimentary Orbitera Test Drive for Partner solution
Access to regional sales and technical workshops
Technical support priority Standard Enhanced
Technical integration support Workshops & office hours Dedicated support
Marketing incentive programs Limited availability
Access to Partner Marketing Studio Eligible
Partner Sales Credits Eligible Eligible, with Enhanced Credits
Product roadmap briefings
Prioritized technical support
Dedicated Partner manager
Requirements Member Partner Premier
Product integrations Planned or in-process 1 or more 2 or more
Program agreement
Partner analytics integrated Recommended
Annual business plan
Published Partner support availability
Public customer references
Customer success stories
Partner-influenced revenue
The complete list of requirements is available in the Google Cloud Partner Program Guide.
Please note that access to the Program Guide is limited to Partners.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I learn more about the Technology Partner Program?

If you're already a member or a Partner, check out the Resources at a Glance guide in Cloud Connect (our Partner portal), attend an upcoming office hours event, or contact your Partner representative.

What benefits do I receive as a Google Cloud member?

As a member, you'll receive free trial credits for Google Cloud Platform, invitations to our monthly office hours, and will be eligible for in-classroom and online training. See the chart above for more details.

How can I start using member benefits?

Fill out the application form. Once you've been accepted, you can access your benefits automatically.

How can I stay up to date with program changes?

We'll always notify members about major program changes, but for regular program information you can also subscribe to our Partner Newsletter.

How can I connect with someone at Google?

If you're already a Partner, the easiest way is to use the Partner Support Portal through Cloud Connect. Both members and Partners are invited to regular office hours, where you can ask a question in person.

I just applied for the program. When will I hear back?

It should take between 5 and 10 business days to process your application.

How long can I stay in the program without a product in the market?

Members are expected to release their product to market within 12 months of joining the program.

Can I use Google Cloud logos in my marketing efforts?

As a Partner, yes. Members may not use Google trademarks or logos in their sales and marketing efforts until they reach Partner status.

How can I connect with other Google Cloud Partners?

Browse our list of Partners in the Google Cloud Partner directory or submit an inquiry through the Partner Program support form.

How do I list my product on GCP Marketplace?

Start by reviewing the requirements for hosting VM or BYOL solutions. Once you're confident you've met the requirements, just complete this form to express your interest.

How can I publish an automated demo or test drive of my product?

Google Cloud Technology Partners can create, train, and help you publish an Orbitera Test Drive on GCP at no cost. Complete this form to get started.

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