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Prisma for Google Cloud

A comprehensive cloud-native security solution to support proper implementation and continuous maintenance of a customer’s security and compliance regardless of how dynamic or distributed their Google Cloud environment may become.

Palo Alto Networks and Google Cloud
Google cloud partner of the year

Palo Alto Networks named Technology Partner of the Year

Cloud Security Simplified

In a hybrid, multi-cloud world, organizations can’t simply extend on-premises security controls to the cloud, where configurations and workflows are different. They need to work closely with cloud providers as well as security vendors to implement a shared, end-to-end security model.

Palo Alto Networks and Google Cloud are partnering to help customers extend enterprise security everywhere. Our unique joint initiative combines Google’s secure-by-design infrastructure with dedicated protection from Palo Alto Networks to help secure your applications and data located in hybrid environments and Google Cloud.

Increased speed and agility

Deliver continuous security monitoring, compliance validation, and security posture management across Google Cloud. Help secure any Google Cloud workload like GKE, Cloud Run, VMs, and functions. Integrate with CI pipelines and Google Cloud security tools such as Security Command Center.

Consistent, comprehensive security

Security every step of the development life cycle. Detect and prevent vulnerabilities before they reach production and implement runtime protection to defend workloads against anomalies and attack.

Reduced cost and complexity

Protect Google Cloud workloads with network policy whitelisting based on applications and users to prevent known and unknown threats within the application traffic.

Solution overview

Prisma for Google Cloud allows enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey by simplifying cloud security with unmatched visibility, streamlined compliance, and automated threat detection.

Comprehensive security

  • Enable an integrated set of security capabilities across your entire cloud-native technology stack, including apps, data, network, compute, storage, users, and PaaS services
  • Maintain consistent security and compliance control across any cloud-native technology and identify and prevent threats and anomalous activities.

Enable DevSecOps

  • Automate security across the entire application life cycle, and implement frictionless security controls as part of your CI/CD pipelines.
  • Leverage continuous vulnerability intelligence and automated risk prioritization across your entire cloud-native stack and throughout the development life cycle.
  • Investigate any resource and quickly determine the root cause of misconfigurations.

Consistent security and compliance

  • Ensure consistent security and compliance across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments and simplify security operations by gaining deep, cross-cloud security visibility.
  • Enforce security policy management across multi- and hybrid cloud deployments of cloud-native applications and perform incident investigations.


Secure by design

Manage security throughout the data life cycle, from the data center to the device so that you can extend your own security measures into the cloud in a collaborative model. Use a range of technologies, approaches, standards, and methodologies to protect applications, IT resources, and customer data.

A globally distributed network

Use a service that can be accessed by millions of users no matter where they are. Even operate globally, using a geographically distributed infrastructure to help ensure that the services that run on them have maximum availability and uptime.

Unmatched visibility

Visualize your entire Google Cloud environment, down to every component. Dynamically discover cloud resources and applications by continuously correlating configuration, user activity, and network traffic data.

Threat detection

Automatically detect anomalies in user and other behavior across your entire Google Cloud environment, establishing behavior baselines and flagging any deviations.

Streamlined cloud compliance

Take advantage of re-built policies that adhere to industry-standard best practices, such as those put forth by CIS, GDPR, NIST, SOC 2, and PCI. Also, create custom policies based on your organization’s specific needs and deploy one-click reporting for simplified audits of your Google Cloud environment.