Orbitera Cloud Billing & Cost Management

Manage multi-cloud billing, cost management, and chargebacks.

Multi Cloud Billing Simplified

Multi-cloud billing simplified

Orbitera Cloud Billing & Cost Management gives you control over multi-cloud billing. As a business, you can optimize cloud costs and issue chargebacks across your organization. As a service provider or channel organization, you can optimize margin and automate invoicing across multiple cloud providers. Make it simpler to manage your costs across clouds.

Consumption Or Subscription Billing

Consumption or subscription billing

Quickly generate accurate, easy-to-read bills across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Simplify and streamline invoicing and billing for your products and services. Combine usage billing with a recurring subscription to optimize your revenue mix.

Customize Price Books

Customize price books

Optimize margins with flexible payment models and customer-specific price books. Define prices from single line items to entire price books for each customer or customer tier with a single click.

Integrated Dashboards

Integrated dashboards

Aggregate billing data across clouds and providers into a holistic dashboard. Easily access and analyze detailed user-level behavior and cloud cost information.

Third Party Cloud Integration

Third-party cloud integration

Accurate and timely processing of customer-level billing reports created from cloud infrastructure provider billing data. Orbitera supports Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink, IBM SoftLayer, Acronis, SingleHop, Intermedia, and more.

Channel Management

Channel management

Empower channel partners to manage and bill across multiple tiers of sellers. Preserve your volume tier discounts and appropriately charge customers on their own usage by re-tiering their charges.


Enterprise chargebacks

Create simple, accurate bills across your organization to issue chargebacks.

White-labeled billing portals

Consolidate billing data and then reallocate into distinct billing portals that each cost center, subsidiary, or customer can access to only view their own data with single sign-on support.

Automatic multi-cloud monitoring

Automatically monitor and allocate complex consumption data. Gain valuable insight into consumption costs and user behavior.

Customizable pricing

Confer user-specific pricing to customers for any payment model — subscription, consumption, and hybrid. Integrate all data in a single-pane dashboard to help customers make informed, data-driven decisions.

N-tier-enabled channel sales

Extend billing through multiple tiers of sellers and manage usage at each tier — charges are based on usage and volume tier discounts are preserved.

Simplified billing and margin optimization

Simplify and streamline the creation, management, invoicing, and billing for custom SKUs. Maximize resale profit margins with customer price books that deliver consumption and subscription pricing.

Third-party billing integration

Leverage our APIs to automate and align your billing operations with existing third-party billing systems. Reduce operational overhead and friction by integrating into your organization's existing processes.


Orbitera Cloud Billing & Cost Management is provided for GCP at no charge. Third-party cloud provider billing and cost management will be charged at 1% of amounts billed by the cloud provider.

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