Example Apps

Example Node.js applications for Google Cloud Platform


The recommended tutorial app for Node.js developers to get started on Cloud Platform. This tutorial demonstrates how to build a complete web application using Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Cloud Pub/Sub and deploy it to Google App Engine or Google Compute Engine.

View on GitHub.


A TodoMVC backend using the google-cloud client library and Cloud Datastore.

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Organizing the issues in your GitHub repositories can be a different kind of animal, that's why you need LabelCat. LabelCat is a NodeJS app that uses Google's Prediction API to automatically label GitHub Issues as they are created.

Read the tutorial or view on GitHub.


Easily lookup an npm package's GitHub repo using the google-cloud client library and the App Engine flexible environment.

View on GitHub.


Use Cloud Datastore as a simple key-value store.

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