Network Intelligence Center

A comprehensive network monitoring, verification, and optimization platform.

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Move from reactive to proactive network operations

Network Intelligence Center provides unmatched visibility into your network in the cloud along with proactive network verification. Centralized monitoring cuts down troubleshooting time and effort, increases network security, and improves the overall user experience.
Diagnose connectivity issues and prevent outages

Diagnose connectivity issues and prevent outages

Network Intelligence Center enables teams to prevent networking outages and performance issues. Connectivity tests help quickly troubleshoot connectivity issues and predict the impact of configuration changes, reducing the risk of network failures. Comprehensive network topology visualization lets you understand the deployment and traffic flow with insights into your global network.

Improve network security and compliance

Improve network security and compliance

Gain trust and confidence in your deployment with comprehensive visibility into your network. Verify network security and compliance through a series of connectivity checks. Navigate your network with insights. Gather data for compliance needs with easy network visualization. And tighten your security boundaries with insights into firewall rules usage.

Save time with intelligent monitoring and verification

Save time with intelligent monitoring and verification

Move to proactive network operations and verify connectivity intent with configuration change impact analysis. Monitor real-time performance and network health at a glance. View actual traffic flows and performance metrics to plan and optimize architecture. Examine network topology evolution with easy access to historical data. And search through complex network topologies to troubleshoot network issues quickly.

Speed up cloud migrations

Speed up cloud migrations

Plan cloud migrations efficiently with a holistic view into network troubleshooting and monitoring before and after migration. Easily track topology changes and network health during migration. And quickly identify and debug network issues between on-premises and cloud.

Partners and customers

"Performance Dashboard in Network Intelligence Center has saved us several hours of fault finding and support calls. By highlighting packet loss in a particular Google Cloud zone, it has enabled us to quickly identify the root cause of real-time network issues."

Chris McKean, Senior Network Engineer, AutoTrader UK

"We’re excited that with the help of Network Intelligence Center, we’ll be able to verify that our network connectivity matches intent and quickly troubleshoot network configuration issues."

David Breise, Cloud and Network Engineer, HIPAAVault.

"Network Intelligence Center helps us quickly identify and troubleshoot network problems. We’ve gained full situational awareness of our network topology, saving us time on monitoring network health."

Jason Cradit, Senior Director of Technology at Pivvot.

"Network Intelligence Center has transformed how we optimize our network operations. Using Network Intelligence Center we discovered that data transferred to a particular Compute Engine region was significantly higher than expected. Network Topology helped us diagnose and fix this issue—and significantly reduce costs."

Rob Lyon, Enterprise Architect at Kochava, a mobile app analytics company.

Core components


Network Topology

Visualize and monitor the health of your network.

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Connectivity Tests

Diagnose and prevent connectivity issues.

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Performance Dashboard

See real-time network performance metrics.

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Firewall Insights

Keep your firewall rules strict and efficient.

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