Network Intelligence Center pricing

This page describes pricing for all Network Intelligence Center modules.

Connectivity Tests pricing details

Charges for Connectivity Tests are based on the number of tests that are run during the month.

Connectivity Tests run per month Price per test
Up to 20 tests Free
Over 20 tests $0.15

Pricing example

The following table shows an example usage pattern where you run 100 Connectivity Tests in a single month.

Resources Usage Estimated cost for this billing period
Connectivity Tests 100 tests - 20 free tests = 80 tests Total bill is 80 tests * $0.15 per test = $12.00

Network Topology pricing details

Charges for Network Topology are based on the number of resource-hours for the resource types in the following table.

Unit Price
Total Compute Engine virtual machine (VM) instance resource-hours per month $0.0011 per resource-hour

The price is the same for all machine types. All running instances that are in enabled projects are charged.

Pricing example

The following table shows an example that assumes that you are running 100 VM instances all day in a single month (730 hours).

Resources Usage Estimated cost for this billing period
100 VMs 730 hours Total bill is $0.0011 * 100 * 730 = $80.30

Performance Dashboard pricing details

Performance Dashboard is offered without charge during General Availability.

Firewall Insights pricing details

Firewall Insights uses two pricing models, one for insights that are based on configuration analysis and another for insights that are based on Firewall Rules Logging. The following sections describe these pricing models.

Configuration analysis

Firewall Insights uses configuration analysis to identify shadowed firewall rules. A shadowed firewall rule is one that might never be used because its attributes are overlapped by those of an equal-priority (or higher-priority) rule. Charges for configuration analysis are based on the number of firewall rules you have, as described in the following table.

Feature Pricing
Initial evaluation $1 for each rule that exists in your project when the feature is enabled.
Each subsequent evaluation $0.10 per rule for each rule being evaluated. Subsequent evaluations occur on a per-network basis, only on days that you make a change to your firewall rule configuration (by adding, deleting, or modifying a firewall rule).


Suppose you have a project with two VPC networks, each containing 100 firewall rules, for a total of 200. You turn on shadowed rule detection for the project.

The charge for the initial evaluation is $1 per rule, so you pay a one-time charge of $1 * 200 rules, or $200.

The next day, you add a new firewall rule to one of your networks. Because you have changed your firewall rule configuration, Firewall Insights evaluates that network's configuration again. This time, you are charged $0.10 for each rule in the network. The charge would be $0.10 * 101 rules, or $10.10.

For the next month, you don't make any changes to your firewall rules, so you aren't changed anything during that time.

After that, on a single day, you modify two firewall rules in the same network where you previously added a rule. Because you made these changes on the same day, they trigger only one new evaluation. Because that network still has only 101 rules, the charge is again $10.10.

Logs-based analysis

To use log-based rule analysis, you must have Firewall Rules Logging enabled. You are charged for Firewall Rules Logging.

Feature Pricing
hit count tracking Free
last hit time metric Free
unused allow rules listing Free
deny rule with hits listing Free

Anomaly Detection pricing details

Pricing for this service is not available.

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