This page describes pricing for all Network Intelligence Center modules.

Connectivity Tests pricing details

Charges for Connectivity Tests are based on the number of tests that are run during the month.

Connectivity Tests run per month Price per test
Up to 20 tests Free
Over 20 tests $0.15

Pricing example

The following table shows an example usage pattern where you run 100 Connectivity Tests in a single month.

Resources Usage Estimated cost for this billing period
Connectivity Tests 100 tests - 20 free tests = 80 tests Total bill is 80 tests * $0.15 per test = $12.00

Network Topology pricing details

Pricing for Beta

Network Topology (Beta) is offered without charge until it reaches General Availability.

Pricing for General Availability

The following pricing goes into effect when the product is released for general availability. You won't be charged until you enable Network Topology in your projects. Charges for Network Topology are based on the number of VM instance hours.

Unit Price
Total VM instance hours per month $0.0011 per instance hour

The price is the same for all machine types. All running instances that are in enabled projects are charged.

Pricing example

The following table shows an example that assumes that you are running 100 VM instances all day in a single month (730 hours).

Resources Usage Estimated cost for this billing period
100 instances 730 hours Total bill is $0.0011 * 100 * 730 = $80.30

Performance Dashboard pricing details

Performance Dashboard is offered without charge during General Availability.

Firewall Insights pricing details

Configuration analysis

Charges for firewall rule configuration analysis are based on the number of your firewall rules. Shadowed firewall rules are rules that are never evaluated because other rules will always be activated before the "shadowed" rules.

Feature Pricing
Shadowed rule initial evaluation run $1 for each rule that exists in the project in the first round of evaluation after the feature is enabled in that project
Subsequent shadowed rule evaluation runs $0.10 per rule per evaluation for each of the subsequent evaluations after the initialization run


Suppose you have a project with two VPC networks, each containing 100 firewall rules. You turn on shadowed rule analysis for the project on the first day of a 30-day month and schedule it to run once per day.

The first analysis run is charged at $1 per rule, so you pay $1 * 200 rules = $200 for the initial round of analysis.

For the rest of the month there are 29 more runs scheduled in the 30-day month. So the price for the rest of the month would be $0.10*200*29 = $580, or a total of $780 for the whole month.

Subsequent months do not re-run the initial analysis, so the cost per month for those months would be $0.10*200*30 = $600, assuming a 30-day month and assuming the number of firewall rules stays the same.

Logs-based analysis

To use log-based rule analysis, you must have Firewall Rules Logging enabled. You are charged for Firewall Rules Logging.

Feature Pricing
hit count tracking Free
last hit time metric Free
unused allow rules listing Free
deny rule with hits listing Free

Anomaly Detection pricing details

Pricing for this service is not available.