Deleting an external peer VPN gateway

The following procedures enable you to delete an external peer VPN gateway resource for an HA VPN gateway. This resource represents your physical or software-based gateway in Google Cloud.

To add an external peer VPN gateway, see Configuring the Peer gateway.

To delete an existing external peer VPN gateway, do the following:


  1. Go to the VPN page in the Google Cloud Console.
    Go to the VPN page
  2. Find the row containing the Peer gateway name you want to delete.
  3. Under In use by VPN tunnels, click the name of the tunnel to delete.
  4. On the VPN tunnel details screen, click the Delete button at the top of the screen.
  5. On the VPN tunnels screen, wait for the tunnel to be deleted.
  6. Click the Peer VPN Gateways tab.
  7. Under Peer gateway name, find the row containing the gateway you want to delete.
  8. In that row, click the trash icon at the far right to delete the gateway.
  9. Click Delete in the confirmation dialog box.
  10. To confirm that the gateway has been deleted, click the Refresh button at the top of the screen.


In the following commands, replace PROJECT_ID with the ID of your project.

  1. Identify the name of the external peer VPN gateway you want to delete. You can list all VPN gateways with the following command. Once you identify the VPN gateway, replace NAME with the external peer VPN gateway's name in the following steps.

     gcloud compute external-vpn-gateways list --project PROJECT_ID
  2. Determine if the VPN gateway has any VPN tunnels that need to be removed. To list all tunnels associated with a VPN gateway, use the following command:

     gcloud compute vpn-gateways describe NAME \
       --project PROJECT_ID \
  3. Delete each existing tunnel.

  4. Delete the external VPN gateway.

     gcloud compute external-vpn-gateways delete NAME \
       --project PROJECT_ID


To delete tunnels first, make a DELETE request with the vpnTunnels.delete method.


Make a DELETE request with the externalVpnGateways.delete method.


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