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When you order a Dedicated Interconnect connection, you must specify a colocation facility where your network meets Google's network. In most cases, select a facility that's geographically close to your on-premises network.

To view a list of these facilities in the documentation, see All colocation facilities.

To use the Google Cloud console or Google Cloud CLI to view a list of facilities, see the following steps.


You can view a list of the colocation facilities when you order an Interconnect connection. You can filter the locations by city or facility name.

For more information, see Ordering a Dedicated Interconnect connection.


List all the colocation facilities:

 gcloud compute interconnects locations list


 NAME             DESCRIPTION                    FACILITY_PROVIDER
 lhr-zone1-832    Equinix London Slough (LD5)    Equinix
 nrt-zone1-599    ComSpace I                     Marubeni Access Solutions Inc.
 nrt-zone2-452    Equinix Tokyo (TY2)            Equinix

Describe a location by providing a name to view the details of a facility, such as their physical address. The following example describes the lhr-zone1-832 location:

 gcloud compute interconnects locations describe lhr-zone1-832


  address: |-
    8 Buckingham Avenue
    SL1 4AX
    United Kingdom
  availabilityZone: zone1
  city: London
  continent: EUROPE
  creationTimestamp: '1969-12-31T16:00:00.000-08:00'
  description: Equinix London Slough (LD5)
  facilityProvider: Equinix
  facilityProviderFacilityId: LD5
  id: '1024'
  kind: compute#interconnectLocation
  name: lhr-zone1-832
  peeringdbFacilityId: '832'

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