Google Cloud NetApp Volumes pricing

This page provides pricing details for Google Cloud NetApp Volumes.

Storage pool pricing

NetApp Volumes storage pool pricing is based on the following elements:

  • Storage pool capacity: Google Cloud NetApp Volumes charges you for provisioned or allocated storage capacity, even if it isn't assigned to volumes.

  • Service level: Premium or Extreme.

  • Region: the location where your storage pool is provisioned.

For larger PB scale storage needs, contact your Google account representative for more information.

To see pricing, select a region from the following drop-down list:

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.
Hourly pricing varies by month. The exact hourly pricing can be calculated by dividing the monthly pricing by the number of hours in the desired month.

Charges incurred

You're charged for a storage pool in one-second increments, based on the pool's provisioned capacity in GiB.

Here are more details about how the charges are incurred:

  • Your project starts incurring charges for a storage pool when you create the first storage pool.

  • You are charged based on the provisioned capacity, not the capacity used.

    For example, you create a storage pool with 2 TiB of provisioned capacity and allocate 1 TiB of the provisioned capacity to a volume you store 100 GiB of data in. You incur charges for the 2 TiB of provisioned capacity of the storage pool, not the 100 GiB of stored data capacity used.

  • Your project stops incurring charges for a storage pool when you delete the pool, rounded up to the nearest second.

Network pricing for traffic between the client and NetApp Volumes

There is no charge for ingress traffic to NetApp Volumes or egress traffic to a client within the same region as your storage pool. If the traffic leaves the storage pool's region, Google network traffic charges apply.

Volume replication pricing

Volume replication pricing is based on the amount of data replicated between source and destination volumes, and incurs two separate charges depending on the following factors.

  • Source and destination regions: pricing is calculated using the VM to VM egress pricing within Google Cloud. For detailed pricing, see the Virtual Private Cloud VM to VM egress pricing table.

  • Replication schedule frequency: schedules with higher rates of frequencies are charged a higher price. The following table displays prices based on frequency:

    Volume replication per GiB
    transferred daily
    Volume replication per GiB
    transferred hourly
    Volume replication per GiB transferred
    every 10 minutes
    $0.11 $0.12 $0.14

NetApp Volumes charges for replication separately from volume capacity. All volumes are charged through their storage pool according to storage pool pricing even when they're a part of a volume replication relationship.

Replicated data

Volume replication only transfers used data. During the initial transfer, all used data is transferred. Subsequent incremental replication transfers only change 4 KiB data blocks. Before subsequent incremental replication transfers, your data is compressed and deduplicated, which minimizes the transfer amount of data. As a result, costs for volume replication may vary considerably based on the compressibility of the data, change rates, and total bytes stored. Transferred byte amount varies due to storage efficiency savings and protocol overhead.

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