Troubleshooting workspaces

This page shows you how to resolve issues with Cloud Monitoring Workspaces.

Adding a project to a Workspace failed.

If you try to add a project that is already associated with a Workspace to another Workspace, then the add operation fails because projects can be associated with only one Workspace at a time.

To resolve this issue, move the project from the current Workspace to the other Workspace. For information, see Moving a project to another Workspace.

Project resources are missing from Monitoring.

If you add or remove resources, such as VM instances, and immediately go to Monitoring to view your resources, the listed resources aren't consistent with the recent change.

To resolve this issue, wait at least 10 minutes for Monitoring to discover the change in resources.

Services are missing from Monitoring.

If you start a new service and immediately go to Monitoring to view that serice, it isn't listed in the list of services.

To resolve this situation, wait at least one hour for a new service to be discovered.

AWS logs aren't accessible.

To access logs for your AWS project, use Cloud Logging with your AWS connector project selected.

Workspace isn't accessible

Cloud Monitoring relies on cookies from various Google sites to manage Workspaces. When cookies are blocked, you't can't log in. You might see the following results:

  • Cannot get past the Log in with Google dialog, and you see a message saying “Cookies aren't enabled in current environment”.

  • Get stuck in an endless authentication loop.

Cookies can be blocked accidentally, or by automatic updates pushed out as part of changes in security policy at your location.

To resolve this issue, ensure that third-party cookies enabled for the following:


For information on enabling cookies, see your browser's documentation: