Workspaces organize monitoring information in Stackdriver Monitoring. Using Workspaces, you can monitor important resources, regardless of where they are. In the Stackdriver Monitoring console, you see the current Workspace at the top of each page:

Workspace name in console page

Getting a Workspace quickly

You must have a Workspace to use Monitoring. That's why you might see the following dialog when you come to the Stackdriver Monitoring console from the Google Cloud Platform Console. If you do not see the dialog, then you are already using a Workspace.

my-project-12345 is not a Workspace

The quickest way to get a Workspace that monitors this project is to do the following:

  1. Select Create a new Workspace.
  2. Select your Google Cloud Platform project. my-project-12345 should already appear in the text box.
  3. Click Create Workspace.
  4. Skip through the following dialog pages; you don't have to do anything.
  5. Click Launch Monitoring when it appears on the last dialog page.

Your new Workspace, my-project-12345, is ready to use. For detailed instructions, see Creating a single-project workspace.

What is a Workspace?

A Workspace is a tool for monitoring resources contained in one or more GCP projects or AWS accounts. Each Workspace can have between 1 and 100 monitored projects, including one or more GCP projects and any number of AWS accounts. You can have as many Workspaces as you wish, but GCP projects and AWS accounts can't be monitored by more than one Workspace.

A Workspace contains the custom dashboards, alerting policies, uptime checks, notification channels, and group definitions that you use with your monitored projects. A Workspace can access metric data from its monitored projects, but the metric data and log entries remain in the individual projects.

The hosting project

The first monitored GCP project in a Workspace is called the hosting project, and it must be specified when you create the Workspace. The name of that project becomes the name of your Workspace. The following diagram shows Workspace A monitoring only its hosting project, A:

Single-project Workspace

Monitored projects

After you have a Workspace, you can add more GCP projects and AWS accounts to it using the Adding monitored projects instructions.

If you plan to monitor more than just your hosting project, then the best practice is to use a new, empty GCP project to host the Workspace and then to add the projects and AWS accounts you want to monitor to your Workspace. This lets you choose a useful name for your hosting project and Workspace, and gives you a little more flexibility in moving monitored projects between Workspaces. The following diagram shows Workspace W monitoring GCP projects A and B and AWS account D:

Multi-project Workspace

AWS Connector projects

In the preceding diagram, a GCP project that connects your monitored AWS account to the Workspace. Monitoring creates this AWS connector project when you add an AWS account to a Workspace. The connector project has a name beginning with AWS Link, and it has the same parent organization as the Workspace. To get the name and details about your AWS connector projects, see the Inspecting Workspace section.

The billing account associated with the AWS connector project is used for Stackdriver Monitoring and Stackdriver Logging charges for the AWS account. For more information, see Billing on this page.

In the GCP Console, AWS connector projects appear as regular GCP projects. Don't use connector projects for any other purpose, and don't delete them while your Workspace is still connected to your AWS account.

Inspecting Workspace

The Manage Workspaces page of the Stackdriver Monitoring console shows all your Workspaces. To go there, click this button:

Go to the Manage Workspace page

You can click a Workspace's name on that page to make it the current Workspace. To see detailed information about any Workspace and its monitored projects, click Edit.

Outside of Stackdriver Monitoring, you cannot see Workspace. You only see a Workspace's hosting project, which has the same name.


There is no charge for creating Workspaces. Logging and metric data are ingested by the individual monitored projects, so any charges are associated with the billing accounts of the monitored projects. For AWS accounts, this means the billing accounts of the AWS connector projects.

For more information, see Stackdriver Pricing.

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