Tips and Tricks

Following is a collection of helpful tips for Stackdriver Monitoring.

Alerting policy triggers

You can create policies that trigger only if all the condition violations occur on a single resource in a group:

  1. Use two or more conditions in your alerting policy. Otherwise, the policy trigger options are not shown.

  2. In the Policy triggers panel set Criteria to All conditions are met, and choose the option you want from the right-hand menu:

    Policy trigger help

  3. Follow any additional instructions in the help text to the right of the criteria.

Available metrics

For a list of the predefined metrics in Stackdriver Monitoring, see the Metrics List. This list comes from the metricDescriptors.list method of the Stackdriver Monitoring API.

Chart sharing

If you have a chart on a custom dashboard or group dashboard, then you can share and embed it on other sites:

  1. Click Share in the settings menu on any chart. You are given an HTML snippet for an iframe.

  2. Copy the iframe HTML snippet to any website or application that permits it.

  3. If desired, change the size or other properties of the embedded chart using query parameters in the URL source for the iframe. Following are some special query parameters:

    • timeframe: If you want a time frame other than the default, specify the timeframe=<val> parameter, where <val> can be 1h for one hour, 6h for six hours, 1d for one day, 1w for one week, 1M for one month, or 6w for six weeks.
    • autoRefresh: If you want your chart to refresh automatically, add autoRefresh=true to your query string parameters.

To stop sharing a chart:

  1. Select Share from the settings menu on the chart.
  2. Select Disable Sharing.
  3. Remove any iframes that reference the chart.

Insights: Understanding anomalies

For more information on recommended actions for optimizing your application, see Insights: Understanding Anomalies.

Notification options

To configure alerting policy notifications, see Notification options.

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