Sharing Charts

You can share a chart with others by sending them a parameterized URL.

Sharing a metrics explorer chart

To create a parameterized URL for a chart on the Metrics Explorer:

  1. Click Other options, , above the Y-axis on the chart.
  2. Click the Share option.
  3. Click the Copy Link button.
  4. Paste the link into e-mail, a browser, or other application to share it.

The following screenshot shows the Share dialog:

Sharing a chart from Metrics Explorer

Sharing a dashboard chart

To create a sharing URL for a chart on a dashboard:

  1. Click Other options, , above the Y-axis on the chart.
  2. Click the Share option. You are given an HTML snippet for an iframe.

  3. Copy the iframe HTML snippet to any website or application that permits it.

  4. If desired, change the size or other properties of the embedded chart using query parameters in the URL source for the iframe. Following are some special query parameters:

    • timeframe: If you want a time frame other than the default, specify the timeframe=<val> parameter, where <val> can be 1h for one hour, 6h for six hours, 1d for one day, 1w for one week, 1M for one month, or 6w for six weeks.
    • autoRefresh: If you want your chart to refresh automatically, add autoRefresh=true to your query string parameters.
  5. Click the Close button to dismiss the box.

When you share a chart by URL, you are sharing an active chart. You can also take a static screenshot of a chart on a dashboard by choosing Other options > Download image option.

To stop sharing a chart:

  1. Go to the Dashboards > Public charts page.
  2. Identify the chart.
  3. Select Unshare.
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