Stackdriver Monitoring API

Manages your Stackdriver Monitoring data and configurations. Most projects must be associated with a Stackdriver account, with a few exceptions as noted on the individual method pages.


All URIs below are relative to

This service provides the following discovery document:

Collection: v3.projects.collectdTimeSeries

create POST /v3/{name}/collectdTimeSeries
Stackdriver Monitoring Agent only: Creates a new time series.

Collection: v3.projects.groups

create POST /v3/{name}/groups
Creates a new group.
delete DELETE /v3/{name}
Deletes an existing group.
get GET /v3/{name}
Gets a single group.
list GET /v3/{name}/groups
Lists the existing groups.
update PUT /v3/{}
Updates an existing group.

Collection: v3.projects.groups.members

list GET /v3/{name}/members
Lists the monitored resources that are members of a group.

Collection: v3.projects.metricDescriptors

create POST /v3/{name}/metricDescriptors
Creates a new metric descriptor.
delete DELETE /v3/{name}
Deletes a metric descriptor.
get GET /v3/{name}
Gets a single metric descriptor.
list GET /v3/{name}/metricDescriptors
Lists metric descriptors that match a filter.

Collection: v3.projects.monitoredResourceDescriptors

get GET /v3/{name}
Gets a single monitored resource descriptor.
list GET /v3/{name}/monitoredResourceDescriptors
Lists monitored resource descriptors that match a filter.

Collection: v3.projects.timeSeries

create POST /v3/{name}/timeSeries
Creates or adds data to one or more time series.
list GET /v3/{name}/timeSeries
Lists time series that match a filter.

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