External metrics list

This page lists some of the metric types available from open-source projects and other external sources.

  • For a general explanation of the entries in the tables, including information about values like DELTA and GAUGE, see Metric types.

  • For information about statements of the form “Sampled every x seconds” and “After sampling, data is not visible for up to y seconds”, see Additional information: metadata.

  • For a set of complete, current lists of supported metric types, see Metrics list.


Metrics sent to Workspaces with a metric type beginning external.googleapis.com are known as external metrics. The metrics are typically exported by open-source projects and third-party providers.

Stackdriver Monitoring treats external metrics the same as custom metrics, with one exception. For external metrics, a resource_type of global is invalid and results in the metric data being discarded.

External metric descriptors that are created but then not used for at least 6 weeks are subject to deletion.


Metrics whose names begin external.googleapis.com/prometheus/ come from Prometheus, an open-source monitoring tool often used with Kubernetes. When you configure Prometheus with Stackdriver Kubernetes Engine Monitoring, metrics exported by Prometheus are converted to Stackdriver Monitoring metric types with simple metric descriptors, such as the following:

  "name": "projects/my-gcp-project/metricDescriptors/external.googleapis.com/prometheus/apiserver_client_certificate_expiration_seconds",
  "metricKind": "CUMULATIVE",
  "valueType": "DISTRIBUTION",
  "description": "Auto-created custom metric.",
  "type": "external.googleapis.com/prometheus/apiserver_client_certificate_expiration_seconds"
Other Metric List

Other metrics

Metrics from other domains.


Metrics from NetApp. Launch stages of these metrics: ALPHA

The following metric type names must be prefixed with netapp.com/. That prefix has been omitted from the entries in the table.

Metric type Launch stage
Display name
Kind, Type, Unit
Monitored resources
cloudvolume/operation_count ALPHA
Operations count
Number of operations being performed on the cloud volume by the end users. Sampled every 60 seconds.
type: Type of utilization, either logical or snapshot.
cloudvolume/read_bytes_count ALPHA
Bytes read
I/O bytes from read operations by the end user. Sampled every 60 seconds.
cloudvolume/request_latencies ALPHA
Volume IO operation latency
Distribution of IO operation request latencies, in milliseconds. A measure of responsiveness of the volume. Sampled every 60 seconds.
method: NetApp Cloud Volume IO operation.
cloudvolume/volume_size ALPHA
Volume space allocation
Space allocated to the volume, in bytes. A measure of the actual provisioned size of the volume. Sampled every 60 seconds.
cloudvolume/volume_usage ALPHA
Volume space usage
Space utilized by the volume, in bytes. A measure of the actual size of the volume. Sampled every 60 seconds.
type: Type of usage, either logical or snapshot.
cloudvolume/write_bytes_count ALPHA
Bytes written
I/O bytes from write operations by the end user. Sampled every 60 seconds.

This metric data was last updated at 11/27/19 16:22:40 UTC.

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