Elasticsearch plugin

Elasticsearch is an open-source search server, based on the Lucene search library. It runs in a Java virtual machine on top of a number of operating systems. For more information visit http://elasticsearch.org.

This functionality is only available for agents running on Linux. It is not available on Windows.


Monitoring does not automatically detect Elasticsearch. To monitor Elasticsearch, configure the Elasticsearch plugin for the monitoring agent.

The services discovered are displayed on the Elasticsearch Services page in the Resources menu. After you install the monitoring agent and configure the Elasticsearch plugin on your instances, Monitoring populates the Elasticsearch Services page with inventory and metrics.

Configuring Monitoring to monitor Elasticsearch

After you install the monitoring agent, use the following instructions to configure the Elasticsearch plugin on your instances.


The Elasticsearch plugin requires version 5.5.0-315 or later of the monitoring agent. To update the agent, see Upgrading the agent.

Enabling the Elasticsearch monitoring plugin

Monitoring has separate configurations for monitoring Elasticsearch versions 0.90.x and below, and versions 1.0.x and above.

On your VM instance, download the appropriate configuration file from the GitHub configuration repository and place it in the directory /etc/stackdriver/collectd.d/:

Elasticsearch 0.90.x and below

Download elasticsearch.conf into /etc/stackdriver/collectd.d/:

(cd /etc/stackdriver/collectd.d/ && sudo curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Stackdriver/stackdriver-agent-service-configs/master/etc/collectd.d/elasticsearch.conf)

Elasticsearch 1.0.x and above

Download elasticsearch-1.conf into /etc/stackdriver/collectd.d/:

(cd /etc/stackdriver/collectd.d/ && sudo curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Stackdriver/stackdriver-agent-service-configs/master/etc/collectd.d/elasticsearch-1.conf)

After adding the configuration file, restart the monitoring agent by running the following command:

sudo service stackdriver-agent restart

For more information on the collectd curl_json plugin used to monitor Elasticsearch, see Plugin:cURL-JSON.

What is monitored

The full list of metrics the Elasticsearch plugin monitors is at Agent metrics: elasticsearch.