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MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud

A fully managed, global cloud database from MongoDB that combines a flexible JSON‐like data model, rich querying and indexing, and elastic scalability while automating time‐consuming database admin tasks.

MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud

Deploy, manage, and grow MongoDB on Google Cloud

MongoDB Atlas provides customers a fully managed service on Google’s globally scalable and reliable infrastructure. Atlas allows you to manage your databases easily with just a few clicks in the UI or an API call, is easy to migrate to, and offers advanced features such as global clusters for low-latency read and write access anywhere in the world.

Frictionless integration

Machine learning and AI

  • Migrate existing on-premises MongoDB applications to the cloud
  • Take advantage of Google’s ML and AI capabilities


MongoDB Atlas allows you to leverage the latest MongoDB features such as distributed multi‐document transactions while taking care of database operations and administration tasks with best‐in‐class automation. MongoDB Atlas is available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, simplifying the procurement process and allowing you to leverage your existing financial commitments to Google Cloud to cover Atlas usage.

  • Google Cloud native experience
  • Simple pricing
  • Google Cloud integrated billing
  • Highly scalable
  • Automated database operations
  • Built‐in security
  • Global clusters
  • Highly available backed by uptime SLAs
  • Comprehensive data discovery

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