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Migration system requirements

Confirm that your migration and deployment environments are compatible with Migrate to Containers by reviewing the following system requirements.

Requirements for migrating WAS traditional apps

Before you begin migrating, ensure that your IBM WAS traditional environment and migration processing cluster meet the requirements described below.

WAS traditional system requirements

Migrate to Containers supports the migration of apps hosted on the following versions of IBM WAS:

  • WebSphere Application Server traditional 8.5.5.x
  • WebSphere Application Server traditional 9.0.5.x

In order for Migrate to Containers to process a VM containing a WAS traditional app, Migrate to Containers extracts two types of configurations from the VM:

  • The configuration of each application.

  • The configuration of the target profile. A profile defines the runtime environment of a WAS including ports, JVM settings, and more.

The Migrate to Containers software automates the use of the IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries in your Anthos or GKE cluster to discover, assess, and generate migration reports and configuration scripts. You are solely responsible for procuring, licensing, and using the toolkit.

Before you can start a migration, you must upload the toolkit to a Google Cloud Storage bucket in your account. See Set up the binaryAppScanner.jar for this procedure.

Compatible VM operating systems

Migrate to Containers supports migrations of WAS traditional apps from VMs installed with the 64-bit Linux operating systems listed at Compatible VM operating systems.

Processing cluster requirements

Use a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Anthos cluster to run the Migrate to Containers components that perform the transformations required to migrate an app from a source VM to a target container. For apps in a WAS VM:

The processing cluster must use a Linux operating system listed at Compatible processing cluster operating systems.

See Choose the type of processing cluster for information on creating each type of processing cluster.

Requirements for deploying migrated apps

After migrating your apps, ensure that your application environment and target cluster meet the requirements described below.

Target cluster requirements

Use a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Anthos cluster on Google Cloud, to Anthos clusters on VMware, or to a 1.4 version or later of Anthos clusters on AWS.

As part of performing a migration, Migrate to Containers creates a Docker image representing a migrated WAS app and uploads it to a Docker registry. You must ensure the target cluster has read access to the Docker registry as described here.

Supported target containers

  • WebSphere Application Server traditional 9.0.5.x
  • Open Liberty

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