The Migrate for Compute Engine software solution is provided at no charge for migrations into Google Cloud. However, Google Cloud charges for resources such as Compute Engine instances, storage, and networking which are necessary to perform migrations.

Technical support is also available with a paid Google Cloud Cloud Support subscription.

Pricing for Migrated Workloads

Migrate for Compute Engine uses Google Compute Engine instances. You are billed for each of those instances according to Compute Engine's pricing, until the instances are deleted. Compute Engine resources are billed on a per-second basis with a one-minute minimum usage cost.

Prior to migration, Migrate for Compute Engine provides estimated costs for VMs using Compute Engine published pricing and sustained use discounts. Additional compute discounts may apply.

During migration, customers incur costs for:

Google Cloud does not charge for ingress network traffic, such as migrating storage from another environment to Google Cloud.

If enabled in the Migrate for Compute Engine Manager, customers incur costs for:

After migration, workloads running on Google Cloud incur costs according to regular Google Cloud pricing. You can use the Google Cloud Platform pricing calculator to create an estimate of your monthly Google Cloud charges, including VM pricing.

Pricing for AWS to Google Cloud migrations

Migrations from AWS incur costs on AWS for:

  • EC2 instances launched by Migrate for Compute Engine on AWS
  • EBS volumes and usage
  • Network traffic

See AWS Pricing for details.

Pricing for Azure to Google Cloud migrations

Migrations from Azure incur costs on Azure for:

  • VM instances launched by Migrate for Compute Engine on Azure
  • Disks and usage
  • Network traffic

See How Azure pricing works for details.

Support Pricing

Paid Support for Migrate for Compute Engine 4.10 by Google is available. For more information, see Getting Support.