Version 4.11

Applying patches and upgrades

Migrate for Compute Engine version numbers are in the form:

  • 4.major-version.minor-version

You can use Migrate for Compute Engine tools to patch your product installation as part of upgrading to a new minor version of your current major version.

For example, you can apply a patch to upgrade from version 4.11 to version 4.11.1, where version 4.11.1 is considered a new minor version. Use the Migrate for Compute Engine Manager to download and install the upgrade package.

While you can have migrations in-progress during upgrade to a minor version, you should perform the upgrade during a maintenance window when no migrations are occurring. Also, you will be unable to initiate new migrations during upgrade.

Upgrading to a new minor version of Migrate for Compute Engine

To upgrade, locate the package you need on the build history page. There, you'll find:

  • A URL to a file containing your upgrade package.
  • A hash that validates the downloaded file.

To apply an upgrade package

  1. Open the Migrate for Compute Engine Manager.
  2. On the home page, click Settings.
  3. On the Settings page, click the Upgrade tab.
  4. On the Upgrade tab, in the Package URL and Package Signature fields, enter the URL and hash you received from the support team.
  5. Click Download.

    When the download is complete, a Download Status message will display the name of the downloaded file.

  6. When the download is complete, apply the upgrade package by clicking Upgrade.

    Performing the upgrade may take several minutes, depending on your system and the size of the package. An Upgrade Status message will indicate when the upgrade is complete.

    Upgrade screen, showing mouse pointer clicking the Upgrade button.