Migrating a Windows VM

This topic describes how to migrate Windows VMs to GKE with Migrate for Anthos. To perform the migration, you'll use a processing cluster you created with the steps in Installing Migrate for Anthos.

The steps to migrate with Migrate for Anthos:

  1. Add a migration source.

    You start a migration by configuring a source (if you already have a source from a previous migration and the VMs you're migrating are from the same source, you can re-use it). This specifies your source along with information that Migrate for Anthos will use to locate the VM you're migrating.

  2. Create a migration.

    You create a migration by specifying the source you created, the VM you want to migrate, and the migration intent. This gives you a migration plan.

  3. Customize your migration plan.

    You can customize the migration plan you generated when you created a migration.

  4. Execute the migration.

    Having created a migration, you execute the migration to extract the container artifacts, which includes the Dockerfile and other files necessary to build a container image.

  5. Monitor the migration.

    You can use the migctl tool to view the progress of a migration and inspect migration activity logs.

  6. Build a Windows container image

    Use the generated artifacts to build a Windows container that you can then deploy to a cluster.

Next Steps

After the migration completes, you Deploy the Windows workloads.