Personalize support

Paid support is available for customers migrating with Migrate for Anthos and GKE. Reach out so we can help. In some cases, you might be asked to use Sysreport to provide additional information to the Support team to help resolve your issue.

Providing information to Google Cloud support

The Sysreport provides Migrate for Anthos and GKE support with information about your cluster's configuration for faster time to problem resolution.

To run Sysreport:

  1. Download, the Sysreport script:

    migctl debug collect-info

    This command downloads the script to /tmp/sysreportINDEX/, where INDEX is a unique index value.

  2. Change to the /tmp/sysreportINDEX directory:

    cd /tmp/sysreportINDEX
  3. Run the script:


  • [NAMESPACE]: (Optional) The namespace in which Migrate for Anthos and GKE was deployed (default is v2k-system) .
  • [OUTPUT_DIRECTORY]: (Optional) Path to the directory in which the Sysreport will be saved (default is $HOME).
  • [MIGRATION]: (Optional) Additional information collected for a migration.

The script creates anthos-migrate-logs.TIMESTAMP.tar.xz, which you provide to Google Cloud support.

By default, the script collects:

  • Logs from the Migrate for Anthos and GKE CSI controller and CSI nodes.
  • Syslog from the Migrate for Anthos and GKE CSI node hosts.
  • Logs from Migrate for Anthos and GKE controller.
  • All Migrate for Anthos and GKE entities from the cluster.
  • If you specify a migration, and the migration uses the default artifacts repository, collect the migration artifacts from the Cloud Storage or S3 bucket.
  • The output of:
    • kubectl cluster-info
    • kubectl get nodes; kubectl describe node
    • kubectl version
    • kubectl top node
  • The workload's logs.
  • The output of:
    • ps aux
    • netstat -tlnp
    • iptables -t nat -L
    • fstab
    • kubectl get pod
    • kubectl describe pod
    • kubectl top pod --all-namespaces --containers
    • kubectl cluster-info dump
    • kubectl api-resources -o wide
    • kubectl top pod --all-namespaces --containers
    • kubectl api-resources -o wide
    • kubectl get componentstatuses --all-namespaces
    • kubectl get endpoints --all-namespaces
    • kubectl get events --all-namespaces
    • kubectl describe limits --all-namespaces
    • kubectl get namespaces
    • kubectl describe pvc --all-namespaces
    • kubectl describe pv --all-namespaces
    • kubectl describe quota --all-namespaces
    • kubectl describe sa --all-namespaces
    • kubectl describe services --all-namespaces
    • kubectl describe services --all-namespaces
    • kubectl get ingresses --all-namespaces
    • kubectl describe networkpolicies --all-namespaces
    • kubectl get podsecuritypolicies --all-namespaces
    • kubectl get clusterrolebindings --all-namespaces
    • kubectl describe storageclasses --all-namespaces
    • kubectl describe volumeattachments --all-namespaces