Migrating Linux workloads

The following sections each describe the steps for migrating Linux VMs to GKE workloads. Follow these sections in order -- each builds on the previous.

  1. Setting up Migrate for Anthos.

    Create a GKE cluster and install Migrate for Anthos. This will give you a processing cluster to use for migrations.

  2. Reviewing planning best practices.

    Read advice for application migrations to GKE, based on migrations of real applications.

  3. Reviewing compatible VM operating systems.

    Review a list of the operating systems that have been tested with Migrate for Anthos.

  4. Migrating a Linux VM.

    Migrate Linux VMs to GKE using a series of migctl tool commands.

  5. Deploying a migrated workload.

    After you've migrated VMs, deploy the resulting workloads to another GKE cluster, such as for testing or production.

  6. Uninstalling Migrate for Anthos.

    Remove Migrate for Anthos from your processing cluster.