Upgrading the Redis version of an instance

This page describes how to upgrade the Redis version of a Memorystore for Redis instance. For more information about instance behavior during an upgrade operation, see Version upgrade behavior.

Best practices for upgrading an instance's Redis version

  • We recommend exporting your instance data before running a version upgrade operation.

  • Note that upgrading an instance is irreversible. You cannot downgrade the Redis version of a Memorystore for Redis instance.

  • For Standard Tier instances, to increase the speed and reliability of your version upgrade operation, upgrade your instance during periods of low instance traffic. To learn how to monitor instance traffic, see Monitoring Redis instances.

gcloud upgrade command

To upgrade the Redis version of your instance, enter the following command, replacing variables with appropriate values:

gcloud redis instances upgrade instance-id --redis-version=version --region=region


  • instance-id is your instance ID.
  • version is the next-highest Redis version:
    • redis_4_0 if currently running version 3.2
    • redis_5_0 if currently running version 4.0
  • region is the region in which the instance is provisioned.

For example:

gcloud redis instances upgrade myinstance --redis-version=redis_5_0 --region=us-central1