This page gives an overview of networking for Memorystore for Memcached. For a list of common networking errors, see Networking error scenarios.

Private services access

Memorystore for Memcached uses private services access to create a network peering between your project and an internal network for some Google Cloud services like Cloud SQL, Memorystore for Redis, and Memorystore for Memcached.

This means that you must first establish a private services access connection for a network before you can create a Memcached instance using that network.

Using a private services access connection offers you the benefit of a centralized, customizable IP address range for the aforementioned services.

On-premises access with private services access

You can connect from a client in an on-premises network if the on-premises network is connected to the VPC network to which your Memorystore for Memcached instance is connected. To permit connections from an on-premises network, do the following:

  1. Ensure your Shared VPC network is connected to your on-premises network using a one of the following options
  2. Identify the peering produced by the private services connection. The peering used by Memorystore for Memcached is named servicenetworking-googleapis-com.
  3. Update the peering connection to exchange custom routes by setting both --import-custom-routes and --export-custom-routes flag
  4. Identify the allocated range used by the private services connection.
  5. Create a Cloud Router custom route advertisement for the allocated range on the Cloud Routers managing BGP sessions for your Cloud VPN tunnels or Cloud Interconnect attachments (VLANs).

Communicating networking requirements

Usually the networking team and/or network admin for your organization is responsible for setting up a private services access connection. This allows the networking team to ensure that no IP addresses or ranges used for other Google Cloud resources overlap, which can cause connectivity issues.

We recommend that you contact the network\security team in your organization to set up the private service connection for you, especially if you encounter an error during the setup process. When reaching out to your networking team, send them the following information:

The Memorystore for Memcached instance cannot be created due to the following

"Google private services access is not enabled. Enable privates service access
and try again."

Before an instance can be created, a private service access connection needs to
be established for network <project name: network>. Please refer to the
following Memorystore documentation links for more information on how to create
this connection:

* Networking.
* Establishing a private services access connection.
* Verifying a private services access connection.

Supported networks and client IP ranges

The following network or instances with RFC 1918 IP addresses are supported:

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